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INFOGRAPHIC: SurveyBuilder Powers Over One Million Insights


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Real-Time Surveys in Live Presentations: The Feedback Revolution

Have you ever been to an industry event where they’ve requested your feedback a week after it was over? Chances are you may have ignored their request for input, and it probably wasn’t intentional. It’s likely you were just too … Continue reading

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Klout’s User Archetypes: What Kind of Influencers are Your Customers?

Our Klout scores are becoming a bit like credit scores: they change frequently, we’re all a little unclear on how they are calculated, and they’re affecting unexpected things. Let me explain: recent reports have suggested that Klout scores are impacting … Continue reading

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Printer-Friendly Puppies and Kittens! Instant.ly’s Latest Updates

Ability to crosstab a question with a respondent’s demographic information: You’ve been dying to know if more ladies than gents prefer the felines. Well, now you can find out through our enhanced crosstab features. We now allow a user to … Continue reading

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Instant.ly Drops Price for Shorter Surveys: Makes Quality Research Available for More SMBs

At Instant.ly, we are always listening to our customers. After careful consideration, we decided to bring you more flexible pricing that benefits both our customers and active panelists. Now it is even more cost-effective to get instant feedback from your target … Continue reading

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Starbucks’ Latest Health Kick: Will Non-Fans Drink the Kool-Aid?

If you walked down the street with a bottle of green juice five years ago, passersby may have thought you were ingesting slime. Now green is the new orange, and “wheatgrass” is a household name. So Starbucks’ move into the … Continue reading

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Stop Before You Shoot! Create Better Surveys in 3 Steps

by Dinaz Kachhi, Panel Development Manager, uSamp Surveys can make you trigger-happy. You have these free tools at your fingertips, and burning questions you want to ask your customers before that 10am product meeting. You shoot off ten questions – … Continue reading

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Dream Super Bowl match up?

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?

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88% of viewers plan on taking Facebook along to their Super Bowl Party

Do you plan on having more than one screen (mobile device, laptop) active while you are watching the game?

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INFOGRAPHIC: What’s your handle? 13 percent don’t have one and don’t care.

More findings from the uSamp’s “Social Media Habits and Privacy Concerns Survey“:

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