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INFOGRAPHIC: SurveyBuilder Powers Over One Million Insights


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Help Desk Tip: How to Match Responses to Respondents With a Unique Survey Link

The SurveyBuilder geeks have watched in amazement as you’ve conquered question logic and fine-tuned multi-select matrices. You have become pros at building and promoting surveys, but now it’s time to help you get the most from your results. Many of … Continue reading

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More Women Use Geolocation Apps to Connect with Friends Than Men

Do you want to be elected Mayor or crowned King? Why do you use geolocation apps? Is it to network with business colleagues? Review restaurants? Get bargains? Or simply for fun? Friends are important. Whether you want to let all … Continue reading

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No Photoshop Required: Instant.ly Adds Color to Surveys with New Image Feature

  by Daniel Ross, SVP, Product & Technology Image Questions I’m excited to announce the release of image type questions in Instant.ly. Gone are the days of 1.0 survey image capabilities. Check out Instant.ly’s innovative approach to survey questions with images. … Continue reading

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Social Media Wars: 15% would use Google+ if Facebook Didn’t Exist

Sometimes the social media world feels like high school. Facebook used to be the it-girl. Then Google+ came to town, and became the latest hot thing around. User adoption rates soared and the search-engine behemoth established itself as a key player … Continue reading

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Instant.ly Goes Mobile at SXSW Interactive

by Allen Vartazarian, Senior Product Manager SXSW is the perfect storm of brands and consumers. At this Mardi Gras of tech, media, and music, marketers invert their traditional pitch and play up the interactive elements. As thousands gather in the streets of … Continue reading

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33 Percent of Saints Fans Believe In Lifetime Ban for Coaching Staff Involved in Bounty

How do the opinions of hardcore NFL fans stack up against those who could care less about the pigskin?

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How To Incentivize iPad Owners To Upgrade

It is hard to be an Applephile. Once you take a bite of the macintosh, it’s all over. The addiction begins, and the greedy desire for the latest and the greatest product becomes an incurable symptom. We wanted to know … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday: 65 Percent Predict Romney Will Win Majority of Delegates

Today is a big day in politics. 36 percent of SurveyBuilder’s on-demand audience think that today’s results will produce the Republican nominee. We polled over 300 members across the nation, and here are the key findings:

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Pay Per Hit: 50 Percent Believe that NFL Should Vacate Wins for unSaintly Behavior

In a big money game that runs on high octane hits, you can’t get away with calling football just another American pastime. The crowd wants the hits. They look good in high-def. They reverberate better in surround-sound. They create and … Continue reading

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